The automotive sector is and has been at the forefront of the UK’s economy for decades. It has led the charge in economic recovery and 2016 saw a record number of vehicles produced since 1999 as 1.72m cars rolled off the production line. However, the effects of the economic crash in 2008 are still apparent in an industry which experienced mass redundancies and retirements.

The sector is still suffering a skills shortage due to the number of skilled workers that exited the industry either through redundancies or retirement. The knowledge that was lost during this time is difficult to replace. Additionally, this can have an adverse effect on the production line, an increase in costs, loss and mistakes have all been evidenced.

However, organisations in the industry such as the SMMT, British Quality Foundation (BQF) and the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) are hoping to reinject this knowledge by into automotive sector.

CPD automotive training programme

Plus Point has recently achieved CPD and CQI status and is working with the British Quality Foundation to bring these skills back to the automotive industry.

A few months back, the Plus Point Improvement Programme was launched. It is a CPD accredited course specifically for the automotive sector. By working with local enterprise partnerships and the aforementioned organisations, Plus Point has been able to identify regions in the UK that would benefit from automotive training.

The training consists of two main parts, core automotive tools and lean awareness. The core tools upskill workers in PPAP, FMEA, SPC, MSA, APQP and 8d/GD8. The programme has been rolled out across internally for Plus Point staff as well as to external clients of Plus Point.

Mark Sweeney, MD of Plus Point said “Plus Point Improvement Programme provides a recognised and endorsed framework for developing quality professionals. It outlines the need for the profession to add value by making quality training a strategic weapon, defending against failure and ensuring superior stakeholder satisfaction and positive impact on the bottom line. We have adapted our network and learning and development systems to focus on theses aspects and we have established strategic partnerships with national quality bodies, such as the British Quality Foundation, Chartered Quality Institute and SMMT”

Through this training programme, Mark believes that the skills shortage in the industry can be tackled and the knowledge that has been lost can be reinjected.

To find out more about the Plus Point Improvement Programme, click here.