Plus Point achieves ISO 9001: 2015 certification

Automotive technical services company Plus Point has achieved the internationally recognised ISO9001: 2015 certification; establishing it as one of the leaders in its field.

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What is Audi’s new quality assurance technology?

The quality assurance process is one of the most important aspects of the automotive production cycle. It identifies areas for improvement, saves on costs by noting areas where regular issues occur and ultimately it ensures that vehicles exit the warehouse in the best condition possible.

Until now, this has been quite a manual process in parts but now Audi has introduced a new piece of technology to help improve the quality assurance process.

Audi’s quality assurance tech

This month, the team at Audi has revealed a new technology designed to deliver a greater quality fit and finish on all future models.

The Virtual Master Jig, as it’s known, is a new digitalised system headquartered in Ingolstadt, Germany. Housed in a space the size of a double garage two robots capable of assessing up to 20 million measurement points spins over the surface of the vehicle.

The mapping creates a digital map of the surface of an A4 sized car in four hours, where previously it would have taken 48 hours. As a result, the quality checkers can begin their work much quicker than they had been able to prior to the new system.

Furthermore, digitalisation allows measurements to be taken by the sensory system without touching. This means that softer components such as seals and seats can be measured more accurately.

Quality technicians are therefore provided with more accurate data ahead of production and all electronic interior functions are available to test at a much earlier stage in the development process.

Compared to previous jigs

The introduction of the new jig is designed to get ever closer to making the perfect car. Audi’s previous system was able to map 6,000 points on the car, a lot less than the new 20 million points now available.

It’s likely that other companies will now follow suit and look for ways to improve their quality assurance procedures.

To find out more about how Plus Point can help your quality assurance department with qualified staff and accredited training, contact us today.

Plus Point finalists for two Northern Automotive Alliance Awards

Hooton based Plus Point Quality (Plus Point) has been announced as finalists for two of the most prestigious awards at the Northern Automotive Alliance (NAA) awards.

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Plus Point continues CPD training with Rosti

Plus Point has continued its continued professional development (CPD) accredited training by presenting certificates to global manufacturers Rosti. The automotive quality assurance and control supplier was granted CPD accredited status in 2017 and began to roll out training nationally shortly after.

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Electric vehicle production requires better training in automotive sector

The emergence of the electric vehicle (EVs) requires an upskilling of the workforce according to Plus Point MD Mark Sweeney. The automotive training and staff provider is urging the industry to invest in its people to help further improve the British automotive sector.

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Lean automotive training – What is PPIP and how can it help?

Plus Point recently launched its lean automotive training programme, designed specifically for the automotive sector. It’s called the Plus Point Improvement Programme and uses all of the key training elements in lean and six sigma to help improve performance within the manufacturing sector.

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Plus Point opens new office

Plus Point Quality, (Plus Point) has opened a new office in Filey, North Yorkshire to expand its quality control training to a new region of the country.

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Plus Point Quality nominated for two prestigious Wirral Chamber awards

Hooton based Plus Point Quality (Plus Point) has been nominated for two of the most prestigious awards at the Wirral Chamber of Commerce business awards. The nominations were announced today, with Plus Point making the shortlists alongside two other companies.

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Why is automotive quality control so important?

Automotive quality control is one of the most integral parts of the production process for so many reasons. Manufacturers spend a great deal of money on ensuring their cars roll off the production line with a quality seal.

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Plus Point begins work with CQI to implement training

The automotive sector is and has been at the forefront of the UK’s economy for decades. It has led the charge in economic recovery and 2016 saw a record number of vehicles produced since 1999 as 1.72m cars rolled off the production line. However, the effects of the economic crash in 2008 are still apparent in an industry which experienced mass redundancies and retirements.

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Automotive sector remains healthy despite a fall in production

In January we were delighted to bring news to you about how the automotive industry had hit record levels in the previous 12 months.

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Plus Point launches new website

Plus Point has launched a brand new website to focus on promoting its process and performance driven approach. The automotive quality control supplier launched the new site this week with new functionalities and an easier to use interface.

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Plus Point achieves CPD accredited training centre status

Automotive quality control suppliers Plus Point has achieved Continuous Professional Development accreditation. The Cheshire-based company was assessed by CPD certification service in March and passed to becomes a recognised training centre.

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How to reduce risk for car makers and suppliers

Car production is big business, and there is a lot of money involved in the process. Last year, 1.72 million cars rolled off the assembly line in the UK alone creating a turnover of £71bn in 2016.

Manufacturers at all levels with the supply chain are under pressure to meet deadlines and targets. Thus, there can be faults with parts and consequently with the car. Additionally, faulty or incorrect parts that are placed into vehicles can cost automakers millions.

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How the production of electric cars is redefining the supply chain

For many years the internal combustion engine and fossil fuel based car has been the accepted norm, with production lines having been built and refined around it. The electric car, however, has introduced the biggest shake-up to production since Henry Ford’s assembly line.

E-cars are becoming increasingly important to manufacturers as demand continues to rise. As a result, manufacturers are needing to change their approach to the supply chain. External and internal suppliers are developing new concepts and, importantly, in-house operations such as quality control are adapting to suit the needs of e-car manufacturing.

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Quality management and the future of automotive

The automotive industry is one of the fastest advancing sectors in the world. The technological advances over the last 5 decades are a testament to that. The introduction of satellite navigation systems, safety precautions and even electric windows illustrate just how far car manufacturing has progressed.

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UK automotive industry review

We’ve taken a look at the automotive industry and examined the figures that tell the story about how the automotive industry performed in 2016. The UK car industry in 2016 hit record levels with around 1.72m cars rolling off the production line. This is the highest level since 1999 taking total turnover to £71m a year.

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Pluspoint awarded ISO9001 certification

Automotive technical services company Pluspoint has achieved the internationally recognised ISO9001: 2008 certification; establishing it as one of the leaders in its field.

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Pluspoint win top brand at the Bluestones Group Awards 2016

Pluspoint win top brand
Plus Point Technical Services has once again won big at the Bluestones Investment Group Awards ceremony in November 2016. The company follows on from its success last year by winning the award for Top Brand 2016.

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Make sure that your next customer receives the best product possible

In countless automotive manufacturing facilities, many employees view the quality personnel as “the bad guys”. “Their whole job is to come out and beat up manufacturing when processes don’t produce quality products,” they complain. “We can’t help it. Why are they always on our backs” There’s some truth to that.

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Pluspoint opens new office in South Wales

Cheshire based Pluspoint is set to expand its service offering to South Wales. The company supplies fully managed professional service solutions for manufacturing quality issues and works with tier one and major UK based OEMs.

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Pluspoint begins Indian trade mission

Plus Point has today began its journey to break into the Indian automotive industry. The company which supplies quality auditing technicians specifically to the automotive sector has identified a gap in the market and is hoping to provide support to suppliers to the UK.

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