Plus Point recently launched its lean automotive training programme, designed specifically for the automotive sector. It’s called the Plus Point Improvement Programme and uses all of the key training elements in lean and six sigma to help improve performance within the manufacturing sector.

What is lean automotive training?

Having worked in the automotive sector for decades, Plus Point saw an opportunity to provide a training service which benefits suppliers and manufacturers alike. By implementing their lean automotive training, Plus Point works with clients to train their staff in lean and six sigma processes.

The training is delivered by Plus Point’s experienced, certified and knowledgeable trainers through a combination of workshops, conferences, and distance learning. It is divided into three main parts, Six Sigma, core tools and lean awareness.

Six Sigma training for the automotive sector

Six Sigma is a well defined, customer centric management system. The theory and practical applications strive for a near-perfect product rolling off the assembly line. It does this by reducing defects and variations so that processes are more consistent and predictable.

Employees that work towards Six Sigma methodologies are able to identify areas that could result in the reduction of the cost of poor quality (COPQ). Six Sigma embraces statistical analysis, so clients that Plus Point works with to deliver the training programme have been able to analyse the resulting savings.

Lean methodology and six sigma?

The beauty of PPIP is that it utilises lean awareness and six sigma as part of the same programme. It is possible to implement these two concepts together. Whereas six sigma focuses on the reduction of poor quality production, lean looks at the processes involved, implementing streamlined processes.

Lean training through Plus Point improves efficiency. Implementing both of methodologies produces the ultimate toolkit in the automotive manufacturing sector. It increases process flow, quality, and ultimately, revenue and margin.

What about core automotive tools?

Whereas Six Sigma and lean are standard practices in many manufacturing sectors, Plus Point recognised that there needed to be an extra step to improve processes specifically for the automotive sector.

Core automotive tools introduce industry standard processes such as failure mode & effects analysis (FMEA) and advanced product quality planning (APQP). Within the PPIP, these processes have been adapted to fit the automotive industry perfectly.

With these three processes, the Plus Point Improvement Programme has already carried out training with some of the UK automotive sector’s largest manufacturers.

To find out more about the training programme and to access introductory information, visit the PPIP page today.