Plus Point has become a certified member of the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) in a collaborative effort to help streamline automotive industry processes. The certification means Plus Point joins an esteemed list of over 2,500 companies dedicated to collaboration to improve procedures in the automotive sector.

Plus Point MD Mark Sweeney said, “We’re pleased to have joined AIAG. In doing so we’re collaborating with industry-leading organisations to help improve the supply chain and manufacturing processes of the automotive sector.

AIAG is a catalyst for peak performance. Established in 1982, it is a not-for-profit association where professionals from a diverse group of stakeholders – including retailers, suppliers of all sizes, automakers, manufacturers, service providers, academia, and government – work collaboratively to streamline industry processes via global standards development & harmonized business practices.

Some of the members include Ford Motor Company, IBM and General Motors Company. “What it also shows is that we’re committed to quality and take a real interest in the state of the industry. We’re here to improve it where we can and work with industry leaders along the way,” continued Mark.

Plus Point has been helping manufacturers and automakers for many years. It has helped improve quality and performance and throughout the UK and Europe by providing expert advice and personnel to quality control and audit departments.

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